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Mother who once weighed six stone and was close to being anorexic fights back to become one of Britain's strongest women
  • Rachel Hobbs, 23, fell to just six stone when she was aged 16
  • Her weight fell because of 'stress' when her twin sister was anorexic
  • But she starts training to boost her confidence and self-image
  • The graduate has now competed in British bodybuilding competitions

A young mother who was close to becoming anorexic when her weight fell to just six stone fought back by becoming a bodybuilder.
Rachel Hobbs, 23, fell to just 84 pounds before she unexpectedly fell pregnant five years ago but said the birth of her son changed her life for the better.
The mother, of Guildford, Surrey, who is now a model, started training after having Finnley, now four, to raise her body confidence and promote positive self-image. 

Bodybuilder: Rachel Hobbs, 23, started training after giving birth to her son Finnley, now four
Her weight fell to six stone when she was 16 because of 'stress and worry' because her twin sister Nicola was suffering from anorexia.
Rachel, a Surrey University graduate, now follows a strict training regime and competed in the bodybuilding Miami Pro World Championships in St Albans, Hertfordshire, for the first time this year.

This news is about Rachel, a girl of 23 years who was about to be anorexic. This was because her twin Nicola was suffering from anorexia so Rachel was very stressed and she started to lose weight. She got to six stone (more or less 35 kg)!

She became a single teen mom. Her son is her motivation to survive and be more fit. Rachel had to follow a strict diet. Now she’s one of Britain’s strongest women.

She's a model to follow, she passed to be in a eating disorder to be strong.

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