dissabte, 16 de maig de 2015

My English competence in 2015

Choosing just a composition it's a complicated work due to I've been writing this blog for two years, consequently there are thousands of composition. Ok, maybe I was overdoing things, but in fact I've written many posts. 

In spite of I've choosed one, a very lovely and private which is not posted in this blog, so it would be unfair if I talked about this one, because you wouldn't see it. Therefore, I choosed this one:


The reason why I've choosen this one is for it meaning. Internet could be an interesting and useful tool for our lifes, although it could be dangerous. On the composition there are a lot of conncectors, which make it more formal and estructured.In addition, there's another reason why I like this post and it's due to the fact that I made it with one of my classmates, Anna, a person who I really appreciate. 

My English progress from 2013-2015

First of all, I would like to say it was quite difficult to find my first written document, which is entitled EMAIL. This post was an email I sent to my English teacher. In that email, I explained which were my hobbbies, my habits and my goals. 
My last composition was a letter to myself, yes,it sounds a little bit strange, but in fact it was to a younger Tània. There I gave advices to myself for the high school years. 

The two compositions are about myself and personal, but there are some differences between them, some linguistic differences. The first one I just used short phrases and I hardly use a connector. The letter was more rich on vocabulary including I used connectors even I tried not to use but or and.

I was asked to write about my first oral presentation and the last one, sadly I don't have any evidence of it, so I'm not able to compare them exactly however I'm going to use my memory, which sometimes could be very helpful.

Did I improve my writing skills? Obviusly yes, and not just my writing skills, also I've improved in all kind of ways. As the idioms says Experience is the best teacher.

Remembering the first oral presentation I did is quite easy, as the reason of I was too nervous and bad moments are hardly forgotten. The last one I wasn't that nervous but I was embarassed because I was presenting my research work in front of all the class. One of my goals for University is lose my shynees to talk in front of people (stage fright). 


dissabte, 2 de maig de 2015

Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student After His Ex-GF Exposes Her

Kayla Mooney is a 24 years old Chemistry and Physics teacher, who worked at Danbury High School until she was arrested for having sexual relations with a student, the most shocking was the reason: the student's ex-girlfriend was lashing out at her.

Her affair with the teen started when she invited him to a concert after school hours, on Halloween. Kayla arranged to pick up the student, and they had sex in her car for the first time. Two weeks later, she gave him alcohol.

Rumors become so rampant, so Mooney told to two assistant principals it was very difficult to her to teach. After them chat, they talk with the student, who said the rumors were false. 

Student's ex-girlfriend explained told them what she had heard. For the second time, the boy was asked and that time he told the true.

The teacher was charged with providing alcohol and a second-degree sexual assault.

What can I say? It's hard to listen the reason why she did it, maybe I don't find alarming the age difference, but the shocking here is the violation of the relation teacher-student. 



The North Koreans voting in their first democratic election – in Britain

For the first time millions of North Koreans will be polling next week in Britain. One of them is Park Seong-Cheo, an old man of 72 years old, who has lived for eight years in Britain but says he's not familiar with voting. Another one is Jihyun Park, who has been following the TV debates, now she's living in Manchester.

Actually, there are elections in North Korea, but they aren't as democratic as they should be. In North Korea you are curbed by the authorities, the UK, reminded this North Koreans that they have Human Rights and they can exercise these rights.

Personally, I can imagine a place where someone controlles what you are voting, it's just so unimaginable. I'm so happy for all this North Koreans that can exercise them rights. 


dijous, 30 d’abril de 2015

Woman Losing Memory Uses ’50 First Dates’-Style Scrapbook To Remember BF

A girl of 20 years old from Nottingham, called Jenny Gisby, suffers from a functional neurological disorder (FND). Because of her disorder she can't remember her relatives and friends, so she always wakes up in a completely chaos, without knowing where is she, or who are these strangers and the most shocking why her body barely moves.

Her FND started the last year when she collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital. There she was induced to a coma, sadly when she woke up she couldn't mover her legs. 

Her daily life is complicated due to her 23 seizures a week. 

To solve the problem with the memory, she has made a scrapbook, which she reads every morning. Her scrapbook details the last three years of her life. One positive thing about her problem is that she can fall in love with her boyfriend all over again. 

Nowadays, she's adapting to her new life. 

For me this new was emotional because I think you have to be very blessed for having people prepared and disposed to help you no matter which. And his boyfriend has to be very thankful for have the oportunity of conquer her lover everyday. 


Woman Finds Incredibly Creepy Two-Way Mirror In A Bar’s Ladies’ Room

Tamale Rocks, a stand-up comedian, was performing at a Chicago bar called Cigars & Stripes. Her actuation happens without any accident, the problems was when the perform finished and she went to the bathroom. In these moment she noticed a two-way mirror, positiones directly acroos from the toilet. The mirror was affixed to a door, so Tamale opened the door and surprise: it was an utility closet, which was big enough for a person to stand in. 

This means someone can spy you while you are using the toilet without being viewed. 

Tamale Rocks, obviusly was freaked out so she filmed a video in the bathroom, explaining and showing what she had discovered. Then she express her displeasure with the owner of the bar, and do you wanna know what did he say? 
If you don't like the two-way mirror; go fuck yourself

Personally I can't believe that exist people able to make such a disgusting violation of privacy. I hope the authorities or someone make them remove the two-way mirror, or even more close the bar. 


INS Castelló d'Empúries, Castelló d'Empúries
La Moncloa, Madrid 
Monday, 13th April 2015, Castelló d'Empúries

First of all, I would like to recognise that work as a president must be a very complicated and hard work. I recognise your efforts in a sincer way.

However, there are big issues in the country which you are ignoring and underrating, even they need more support from the government. As you may know, I am talking about investigation and education, which are two of the most important issues of a civilized country as we are. Investigation could help find new medicines, new therapies, new inventions...And consequently could help us be an important country in the UE and not be just a holidays resort.

Having a good education is the key to solve our problems, we just need to priorize what is more important: football or education?

Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Yours Sincerely,