dissabte, 16 de maig de 2015

My English competence in 2015

Choosing just a composition it's a complicated work due to I've been writing this blog for two years, consequently there are thousands of composition. Ok, maybe I was overdoing things, but in fact I've written many posts. 

In spite of I've choosed one, a very lovely and private which is not posted in this blog, so it would be unfair if I talked about this one, because you wouldn't see it. Therefore, I choosed this one:


The reason why I've choosen this one is for it meaning. Internet could be an interesting and useful tool for our lifes, although it could be dangerous. On the composition there are a lot of conncectors, which make it more formal and estructured.In addition, there's another reason why I like this post and it's due to the fact that I made it with one of my classmates, Anna, a person who I really appreciate. 

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