dissabte, 16 de maig de 2015

My English progress from 2013-2015

First of all, I would like to say it was quite difficult to find my first written document, which is entitled EMAIL. This post was an email I sent to my English teacher. In that email, I explained which were my hobbbies, my habits and my goals. 
My last composition was a letter to myself, yes,it sounds a little bit strange, but in fact it was to a younger Tània. There I gave advices to myself for the high school years. 

The two compositions are about myself and personal, but there are some differences between them, some linguistic differences. The first one I just used short phrases and I hardly use a connector. The letter was more rich on vocabulary including I used connectors even I tried not to use but or and.

I was asked to write about my first oral presentation and the last one, sadly I don't have any evidence of it, so I'm not able to compare them exactly however I'm going to use my memory, which sometimes could be very helpful.

Did I improve my writing skills? Obviusly yes, and not just my writing skills, also I've improved in all kind of ways. As the idioms says Experience is the best teacher.

Remembering the first oral presentation I did is quite easy, as the reason of I was too nervous and bad moments are hardly forgotten. The last one I wasn't that nervous but I was embarassed because I was presenting my research work in front of all the class. One of my goals for University is lose my shynees to talk in front of people (stage fright). 


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