dissabte, 2 de maig de 2015

Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student After His Ex-GF Exposes Her

Kayla Mooney is a 24 years old Chemistry and Physics teacher, who worked at Danbury High School until she was arrested for having sexual relations with a student, the most shocking was the reason: the student's ex-girlfriend was lashing out at her.

Her affair with the teen started when she invited him to a concert after school hours, on Halloween. Kayla arranged to pick up the student, and they had sex in her car for the first time. Two weeks later, she gave him alcohol.

Rumors become so rampant, so Mooney told to two assistant principals it was very difficult to her to teach. After them chat, they talk with the student, who said the rumors were false. 

Student's ex-girlfriend explained told them what she had heard. For the second time, the boy was asked and that time he told the true.

The teacher was charged with providing alcohol and a second-degree sexual assault.

What can I say? It's hard to listen the reason why she did it, maybe I don't find alarming the age difference, but the shocking here is the violation of the relation teacher-student. 



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