dissabte, 2 de maig de 2015

The North Koreans voting in their first democratic election – in Britain

For the first time millions of North Koreans will be polling next week in Britain. One of them is Park Seong-Cheo, an old man of 72 years old, who has lived for eight years in Britain but says he's not familiar with voting. Another one is Jihyun Park, who has been following the TV debates, now she's living in Manchester.

Actually, there are elections in North Korea, but they aren't as democratic as they should be. In North Korea you are curbed by the authorities, the UK, reminded this North Koreans that they have Human Rights and they can exercise these rights.

Personally, I can imagine a place where someone controlles what you are voting, it's just so unimaginable. I'm so happy for all this North Koreans that can exercise them rights. 


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