dijous, 30 d’abril de 2015

Woman Losing Memory Uses ’50 First Dates’-Style Scrapbook To Remember BF

A girl of 20 years old from Nottingham, called Jenny Gisby, suffers from a functional neurological disorder (FND). Because of her disorder she can't remember her relatives and friends, so she always wakes up in a completely chaos, without knowing where is she, or who are these strangers and the most shocking why her body barely moves.

Her FND started the last year when she collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital. There she was induced to a coma, sadly when she woke up she couldn't mover her legs. 

Her daily life is complicated due to her 23 seizures a week. 

To solve the problem with the memory, she has made a scrapbook, which she reads every morning. Her scrapbook details the last three years of her life. One positive thing about her problem is that she can fall in love with her boyfriend all over again. 

Nowadays, she's adapting to her new life. 

For me this new was emotional because I think you have to be very blessed for having people prepared and disposed to help you no matter which. And his boyfriend has to be very thankful for have the oportunity of conquer her lover everyday. 


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