dijous, 30 d’abril de 2015

Woman Finds Incredibly Creepy Two-Way Mirror In A Bar’s Ladies’ Room

Tamale Rocks, a stand-up comedian, was performing at a Chicago bar called Cigars & Stripes. Her actuation happens without any accident, the problems was when the perform finished and she went to the bathroom. In these moment she noticed a two-way mirror, positiones directly acroos from the toilet. The mirror was affixed to a door, so Tamale opened the door and surprise: it was an utility closet, which was big enough for a person to stand in. 

This means someone can spy you while you are using the toilet without being viewed. 

Tamale Rocks, obviusly was freaked out so she filmed a video in the bathroom, explaining and showing what she had discovered. Then she express her displeasure with the owner of the bar, and do you wanna know what did he say? 
If you don't like the two-way mirror; go fuck yourself

Personally I can't believe that exist people able to make such a disgusting violation of privacy. I hope the authorities or someone make them remove the two-way mirror, or even more close the bar. 

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