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This article is about a chinese woman who was surprised when she received a denunciation from her ex- husband. The mysterious denunciation was about the DNA of their daughter. The test proved that the child was his, a real Feng. When he saw that, he sued his ex- wife for having an ugly daughter. This news was know around the world, because the subject was shocking: a chinese man sued his wife for have an ugly daughter! 

Whe  Jian Feng was in the court the first time he sued his ex- wife for having an affair, he thought that, because his daughter was ugly. Then the judge decided to do an DNA test. After a week the results were in judge's hand, the "ugly child" was Feng's daughter. When Jian received the medical report, the only choice was change his sue, and now denounce the ugliness of all their children. 
Surprisingly he won the case and his ex- wife had to pay 120000$. You should ask why, the reason is that that Jian's ex -wife had plastic surgery before being married with Jian. The sentence was that she had dupe him.

Feng's superficiality was clear when he explained in his own words the whole story: " I married my wife out love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me".

In this new there are something that horrified me and possible is the same that horrified you: How a father can be so cruel and superficial? 

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