dijous, 29 de maig de 2014

New: I'm a size 24 but I'm healthy...

This news article explains about a British woman, who's called Helen Dee, who says she's healthy and happy even if she is a 24 size.
Helen loves food and doesn't care about the health implications of carrying excess weight. She has the idea that being obese is healthy and that when you're on a diet you feel unhappy and miserable.
That's her opinion but not of her family, who think that Helen have to lose weight. They aren't the only ones who thinks that, a lot of people put pressure on her with hurtful comments.
Being obese has a lot of consequences on the health of a person because it increases the risk of have a heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

'Healthy': Helen Dee is a size 24 but says she is happy, loves good and has no plans to slim down
This article is interesting because we are accostumed to eating dissorders about being thinner. Being obese is also an eating disorder, which has big consequences too.


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