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Strict parents more likely have obese children

News studys say that parents who have rigid rules, are more strict and don't show affection to their children, have more possibilities to have children with obesity. 

The kind of education that children receive at home is relevant to the obesity that they could have. In a University of Montreal had made an analysis of the parenting styles which families have. They classified parenting styles in two types: authoritarian and authoritative.

The authoritative are more affectionate and use to discuss witth their children in a rational way, neverthless authoritarian group are very strict and don't dialogue with their children and they don't are very affective with them. 

Authoritarian are the group with the highest probability of became fathers of obese children

In fact, education is very relacionated with our eating habits and with our emotional deprivation which sometimes offset with overeating. Parents must learn to listen their children and educate them with healthy habits. 


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