dilluns, 1 d’octubre de 2012


My dream is go to live to Montmartre, in France.
Montmarte is a little neighborhood in Paris, I love it because is very bohemian and vintage.
In this neighborhood a lot of productors shoot films, in special 2 famous films : Amélie (my favourite film) and Moulin Rouge. 

This dream has a challenge, I need a lot of money to go there because is one of the most expensive neighborhood in Paris. And also I have to leave Catalonia, and my family.
But this dream not only has challenges also has solutions. I really want to go there and this is a big motivation. I can work to pay for the trip and this will be the solution to the problem to the money. The other problem is my family, but the only solution to this is will go to visit them once a month. 


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