dimarts, 1 de gener de 2013


I really love this kind of films, so I watch a lot of horror films. But they never scare me, well there a movie that has obtained it : [•REC]. There are 2 parts of this movie, I prefer the first because the second is more comic.

This story was is created, writed and directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza in 2007 in Barcelona.

This film is like a false documentary, a journalist and his camera-boy go to see the day of a fireman, but when they are with the firemans there are an emergency and all go to see what happens. The emergency was in a building, some people are infected. It's a film very complicated, because you never know why they are infected or if is really the infection or is another thing, at the end you can discover that is not an infection, is a posession.

Possibly my favourite part is when the old woman run to the firemans and the police, it's very scary.



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