dissabte, 26 d’octubre de 2013


Mean girls is one of this films that I can stop to watch because is very interesting and suitable for all the family. Starring by Lindsay Lohan, my favourite actress, nowadays she has problems but I now that she can overcome her drug addiction.

Mean girls is an American teen comedy with a good performance which describes the different conducts of girls on high school.

The plot's about Cady (Lindsay Lohan) a homeschooled girl who come of Africa, because their parents were in a research trip there. When she arrived to Illinois she made friends: Janis and Damien. They explained her the high school cliques.  On their high school were a group very popular which control all: the Plastics. Cady felt in love with Aaron, the exboyfriend of the leader of the Plastics. This will enrage the leader : Regina, who returned with Aaron only for disturb Cady. Cady became a Plastics for revenge Regina. A war will began.

My favourite moment on the movie is: 

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