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The princes of Brillingberg

Once upon a time six princes who are brothers lived in the Kingdom of Brillingberg. The first who was the bravest was called James; the second, the best swordsman of all the Kingdom was William; the third was the strongest and his name was Anthony; the fourth was a master of arts : Harry ; the fifth had an unrivaled beauty and a beautiful name: Leonardo and for finally the sixth who hadn't got any talent or beauty was called Melford.

The days of childhood were last and the princes had to found their own Kingdom and for that they have to be married. It wasn't a problem for they, except for the poor Melford. 

The weddings started, James was the first her wife was Rapunzel, they did a giant party all the kingdom was invited. William married Ariel, the princess of the oceans. 2 princes were now kings. 

After 2 months, Anthony was riding and she met Snow White in the middle of the forest lying in a crystal tomb. He had the impulse to kiss her and when he did it she woke up. They married the winter of these year. 
In Anthony's wedding Harry met Alice of Wonderland, they felt in love instantaneously. Their wedding was the most beautiful of all the times, it had an awesome decoration and stages.
Leonardo obviously married with the prettiest princess, Slepping Beauty. 
There were 5 kings and only one prince.

The days passed and Melford, the little one, didn't find a women who loved him. He were very sad but one day when he was washing his horse, the horse gave a kick to a town girl. Her name was Catherina and she was a seamstress. The social differences were enormous but they fight to this and they finally married. 

All the princes were now kings with their own kingdom, 

Apparently it was the happy final but...

James went to the war and Rapunzel stayed home, she died waiting for him. William and Ariel didn't understand each other so they couldn't be together. Since Anthony was married he stopped to do exercise and Snow White escaped with one of the dwarfs. Harry was obsessed with his pictures and with his art and he forgot to care Alice. The dinky pair couldn't stop time and the outside beauty it's not for ever, their problem were that they only love the appariences of each other. And for finally the only couple that perdure was Melford and Catherina because they loved their personalities and no their appariences or they talents.

Marcel Kotthaus and Tània Argelés

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