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Tirant lo Blanc is a book writed by Joanot Martorell in the century XV, who was an important author from Valencia.
This book is the most important book in the Catalan literature because of their style, what I want to say is that it's a complete novel, which contains a lot of kinds of novel.

The argument of this book is the story of a knight who fells in love with a princess from another kingdom, he lives a lot of adventures and war moments, which contrarested with his love moments with the princess, called Carmesina. Carmesina and he live a secret romance without a happy ending. 

This book isn't easy to understand because it's writed in old Catalan and the phrases are so long. And the topic isn't normal or interesting like other books (like  Crepusculo or Harry Potter). However is a classic of the Catalan literature, which you have to read even though it's just one time.

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