dijous, 20 de febrer de 2014


'My foot almost had to be AMPUTATED after my tattoo became infected': Woman tells of horror after bungled inking left her dangerously ill with blood poisoning"

A young  women of 24 years old, called Gemma Hardy, have been in risk of amputation for an infection of their tattoo.
She woke up and she saw that her foot was too big and started to hurt. She didn't go to the doctor because she thought that it was a normal reaction but after 2 weeks the pain continued and her friends advise her to go to the doctor and finally she accepted. 
When she arrived at the hospital the doctor who examines her told her the big infection which she had. If she had waited more time, they will have to amput her foot.
Fortunately doctors were able to save her foot!

I never had heard nothing like that, an infection which could have risk of amputation. It was shocking to hear because I want to make me a tattoo and now I'm going to be more careful.


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