dissabte, 24 de maig de 2014


Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Good morning, I'd like to comunicate you my decisions to go on a gap year to Japan to practise my English and know a new culture that always has attracted me. I also think that in Japan you can do a lot of things, for example one day you can go shopping and clubbing and another day you can go to a rural and relaxing village. The typical stereotypes of Japan like kimonos, geishas, ancient temples still exist and that's something temptative to me.

The climates varies depending on where you stay, on the north it's cold and on the south it's more hotter, like tropical weather. Independentlly of the weather I want to go to Tokyo, just for see if it's how I' ve imagined.

In conclusion I want to express to you my desire of a Japanese gap year for improve my English and learn a bit from life.

With all my affection.

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