dissabte, 24 de maig de 2014


Last week in class I saw two videos about the consequences of our actual era of consumism. A women explained the differents parts of the process which passed all the products which we have in home and which we use everyday .
These products have a background, which we don't know because we never aks ourselfs questions about it.
And that's one of the reasons why we never stop buying things without thinking. On the video the women explained that all the cheaper things that we can buy simbolize the poverty of people of the Third World. And of course the deterioration of the planet's resources. 
Obviously, we can't do anything without this last element, because all the product, which we desire and want can't exist without these resources. But we're very stupid, because we don't stop to produce and waste resources from the planet. When we will be aware of that problem it possibly will be too late.

But not all of us are unconsciencious and we have to recicle and consume less.


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