dimarts, 14 d’octubre de 2014

Forever Beautiful: Banish painful pimples

Caroline a  women of 53 explains her problem with acne since her 20s. When she fluctuate, her issue increases. She told to Elsa, the counselor from Daily Mail,  she had an oily skin, but when she received a facial, they told her that her skin was dehydrated. Now she's confused about what kind of products she has to use. 

Elsa answered to Caroline more than the half of women had an experience with acne in their lives. She also said to her that there are diferent factors like hormones, skin type, genes and diet and some which are unknown. 

The experts had said that there are a condition called rosacea, which is similiar to acne and is usual in women of 40s and 50s. Normally it appears to women who had  had acne in their puberty.

The best solution is to contact with a dermatologist for a better advice.

In my opinion skin problems are very common and can produce a lowering of self-esteem, because the face is the first thing which people sees of you. However with a good treatment you can recuperate your soft skin.

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