diumenge, 12 d’octubre de 2014

Funny film: The House Bunny

I'm always laughing, but when I have to laugh watching a film it's very complicated to find something that I could find funny.
The kind of comedies I like are the ones which are a mix between a funny story pertaining to friendship and a love story. These are the films which people classified like girlies. 

The House Bunny is a romantic comedy released in 2008, directed by Fred Wolf and starring Anna Farris.

Shelley (Anna Farris) is a Playboy Playmate who lives in the Playboy Mansion. Her life is aparently perfect but the day after her twenty-seventh birthday she receives a letter, which says she must leave the Mansion. 
Then she arrives to a sorority, she finally joins to them just when they see her ability to attract boys. The sorority will live hilarious experiences and Shelley will fall in love with a guy distinctive of the others from the past. 

My  favourites moments:

  • One of the girls of the sorority tries to start a conversation with a boy...


  • Shelley goes on a date with her crush...

  • And the second date, doesn't seem to go better...

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