dilluns, 1 de desembre de 2014

Stores Are Using ‘Skinny Mirrors’ So You Look Thinner

I was reading Elite Daily when I saw that new which caught my attention. Last years stores and industries are working to make more money and that includes different kinds of promotion, publicity and also odd methods. 

Stores are using mirrors which make you look thinner, so you are going to think that the clothes you're trying makes you look good and probably not. So they're cheating you. 

The name of this magic mirror is The Skinny Mirror, and it's quite obvious the reason of its name. The creator of this mirror is Belinda Jasmine, who was inspired to create this magic mirror when she found an old mirror which had the contrary effect. Belinda insists that her invention is a way to make women feel more confident with their appearance.

A study had proved the results of The Skinny Mirror, which had increased a 20 percent the sales. 

Even if it's a way to have better results and women feel better with themselves it's a lie. Sometimes you want to be thinner but for that you don't have to look at you at a mirror you have to work hard and build your body with efforts. 


Read more: http://elitedaily.com/women/the-skinny-mirror-tricking-womens-bodies/856743/

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