dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2015

Is Internet making the world a better place?

Do you think that there are more pros or more cons about the use of Internet?
At first we thought that the effects of the Internet were more positive than negative, but we ended up writing down more negative problems that are causing a great damage nowadays.

One of the main problems that everyone has, yet not everyone's aware of, is the fault of privacy, we should have to be more concious with the data we post online. For some hackers it's easy to access to your information, or to add fake information, or to add fake information in random websites. Not all the content is true, we shouldn't trust the Internet because it's very easy to fake an account, or to coment in an anonymous way. All those issues makes bulling or pederastry easy to spread. In addition it causes addiction and obsession with having likes or followers in the social networks.

On the other hand having followers is important if you also want to promote yourself or prospering in your Internet business. Internet offers you work places. Besides it's  very helpful for study, not just for searching Internet but for all the facilities that it can offer. Internet is helpful too, for making friends who have the same tastes that you have, to find a partnership or also to maintain long distance relationship.

Despite of all the cons that we have born in mind, we both think that Internet is making a better world. We couldn't imagine how life would be without it, there are a lot of websites that want to contribute to the society for making a world a better place.

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