diumenge, 22 de febrer de 2015

Model With Down Syndrome Is First Ever To Walk At NY Fashion Week

Fashion Week has wanted to renovate the runways with real people, because in fact, we are who buy their clothes so it's logical to create fashion for us. Last year Danielle Sheypuk made her debut as the first wheelchair-bound model on the runway. 

With the novelty of the last year , this year they must mark another impressive step for the fashion industry, so Jamie Brewer is going to make her debut as the first woman with Down syndrome to walk the runway.


Actually, we are constantly criticizing each other for how we look or for our bodies and creating complexs between ourselves, between the people around us. But the worst comes now, we fight for solving these prejudices. I find that a little bit double-dealing and hypocrite.
However a runway with real people is a good way to defend the rights of all the women in the fashion industry.  


Wheelchair-boundunable to walk through injury, illness, etc and relying on a wheelchair to move around.
Double-dealing: the practice of pretending to do or think one thing while really doing or thinking something different : dishonest or deceptive behavior.
Novelty: freshness.

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