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Is the internet encouraging children to self-harm?

Is the internet encouraging children to self-harm? 'Alarming' numbers are exposed to graphic images online, charities warn

Recent surveys show 60% of 11-14-year-olds have shared self-harm images on the Internet and the most alarming is half of children who have seen these images admit they wanted to hurt themselves. 

8% of young people between 18 and 21 have self-harmed or know someone who has, accordingly the number of hospitalizations has increased.

Lucie Russell, director of campaigns at YoungMinds said that the results from the surveys were extremely worrying and these exposure was having a significant effect on our well-being.

In young ages people use to be more vulnerable to online media, like images,  and as it's very easy to find them it's more easy to contaminates their minds with them. When people post something, they must be conscious about who can see it. 

As I said, the number of hospitalizations has increased hugely, it's attributed to bullying, school, stress, sexual pressure and family breakdown.

Anything is sadder than people hurting themselves, because even if you just hate everyone, which I personally it's quite impossible, you should love yourself, because you are the most important. Really. Please never forget that. However, one solution to the spread of these kind of pictures, can be a regularization system, like a filter in the apps where these images are posted it, because there are filters but they just filter sexual contents. 

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