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The New Eating Disorder

How To Identify Orthorexia

Eating disorders can affect any of us, it doesn't matter our age, race, size or gender, so we must be aware and empathics. 

We all know anorexia and bulimia, which are the most common eating disorders, the first one occurs when someone doesn't eat to restrict calories and has a distorted idea of his or her body, this process ends in starvation. The second one, bulimia, is about binge on food and subsequently purge. This cherless disorders can progress to malnourishment, being dangerously thin and finally the death. 

Nowadays, it's habitual to us to listen about these two but what is orthorexia? 
Orthorexia is a new eating disorder, which has a hallmark, the person who suffers it, knows about it. We can define orthorexia as te obsession about healthy eating and living, that's the reason of its name, which means fixation on righteous eating.

At the beginning people are just concerned about healthy eating, however this develop to an obsession, where food is restricted. Another detonating is their insulation as a result of the anxiety they suffer when they are in company when they eat. 

For orthorexics can be difficult to free themselves from their obsession to be healthy and fit, their treatment just can come after they admit their problem.

When I read this new, I became joyless due to these eating disorders are incresing, maybe it's because the pressure of TV, and the influence models' body made to some people, but as I said in older posts, the most important is to love your body. 

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/women/new-eating-disorder-identify-orthorexia/948564/

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