dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

Party Of Her Dreams

Entire Town Gives Girl With Cancer The Sweet 16 Party Of Her Dreams

Abby Sinder, a 16 years old girl, had been a year battling leukemia and her dream was having a Sweet 16th Party, a lavish one. 

Her dream came true thanks to Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, an organisation that helps families with sick children. 
They didn't clue Abby about the party, they told her she was going to been asked at a formal local event by Mitchell, an ABC reporter.

The teen was treated by a professional makeup artist and then she went to the party in a limo, she was feeling like Cinderella.

I would like to thank to this kind of organisation for their magnificient job. When someone's has such a difficult life like Abby, the most simple hope can be for them like to be in the nine cloud. 

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/town-throws-sweet-16-girl-cancer/955719/

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