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Debby Ryan: "I didn't realize I was being abused"

The star opens up about the emotional reason why she is the face of Mary Kay's "Don't Look Away" campaign

Debby Ryan, an actress of Disney Channel with a lot of talent in acting and directing recognise, now is the face of Mary Kay's "Don't Look Away" campaign, this campaign is for prevent and end dating abuse. 

Normally we used to think this can not happen to us, that we are safe, but when you are really conscious you are suffering from it, it's too late. 

Debby Ryan, was one of these people who think she was protected of this kind of abuse, finally she discovered she wasn't, it got too far. When all the battle finished he just apologize and might cry saying that the loves you, but girl don't trust him. 

Debby had one confident, her best friend Emma which was very important, because Emma and her boyfriend fought for Debby. Having a support is essential. 

That kind of violence is so sorrowful, because your lover is suppossed to love you not to atack you or make you feel unconfortable. I would like to say this is not going to happen to no one of my friends, but how can I be sure? I just hope if they have one problem like this, they tell me. 

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