dimecres, 25 de març de 2015

What money can't buy

Recently me and my class have seen a video entitled What Money Can't Buy where Michael Sandel explains and analyzes our new concept about market, because it should be restricted to the economical side of the country (or world) but market influences in our ethics too. 

The title is a question which made me thought and the result of my mental research is that the most important things in life are the ones which we are more used to and I know it's going to sound cheeky but whatever, love is the most important. Although there are a lot of other uncountless stuff without price like happiness, friendship, time, dreams, emotions and true feelings. 

You are not rich until you have something money can't buy

I'm totally agree with that quote by reason of things we can't buy are the priceless. When I was little I was used to say I would like to be rich for buy anything I wanted, nowadays I can see how innocent I was by cause of I thought with money I could buy anything, sadly my innocent childish thinkings are still presents in some people's minds. 


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